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Saturn is insane. He can't keep still for even one second. Nothing seems to get him down, so he is permanantly happy. He always makes jokes out of everything, though not on purpose. He is the most random of the group.


Saturn speaks n00b. Its uncertain why.

Surfboard and Staff

Saturn possesses a staff (instead of a bone that Cubones normally have) and a surfboard type thing. He rarely uses them outside his room, but if there's a riot, he's there on the surfboard.



He likes Mercury a lot. He always goes to her first when there's some kind of doom going to happen (ie apocolypse, bipeds vs quadrupeds war).


He likes to annoy Venus, because she doesn't get overly mad at him. He is the only one along with Mars who hasn't tried to get into her secret stash - because "it r r00d 2 go thru othr ppls p0rn", even though the stash might not even BE porn.


Saturn is the one to give him fish all the time. Earth says he's "like a cartoon, nobody can really be that funny".


Saturn is actually quite scared of Mars, because of the huge size and normality difference.


Saturn considers Jupiter to be his "best m8".


Saturn finds Ana amusing. She doesn't really think much of him, but he likes to watch her get angry.


Neptune is the only one who really talks to Saturn like he's normal.


Saturn likes stealing Pluto's things, and also follows him around quite a lot. Saturn really admires Pluto.

Random Facts