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Reccurring Characters

Ceres and Eris

Ceres (Bulbasaur) and Eris (Jigglypuff) are the Dwarf Planets, who are desperately trying to steal Pluto so he can JOIN THE DARK SIDE THEM. They follow him around a lot and will try anything to get him to go with them. Pluto is scared to death of them because they are so creepy.
Ceres does most of the buisness and is obviously the leader of the two. She also speaks a lot more, leaving Eris to use stolen chatchphrases. Eris seems to be the more physical of the two, and she has a gun.

Orcus the Treecko

Orcus is also a dwarf. He was hired to kidnap Pluto after Ceres and Eris failed a bazillion times (doesn't stop them though).
He thinks everyone's a fascist and is prone to violence, much like Ana. Its no wonder they get along so well.

Alpha Centauri the Sneasel

Centauri is Liam Hemmings! and so is the above pic.
Centauri is a rich, posh, snobby git who all the Star Guys knew in high school. The reaction people have got from him so far is "OMG HOW BRITISH" but since I am quite literally a Nazi in what is British, I am going to tell you all he is SOUTHERN ENGLISH plz, British is the term for all of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland)!!! So he is a posh southerner.
Centauri is Venus's ex boyfriend, and is trying to win her back. Because of this, Jupiter hates him more than he did in high school.

Rigil Kentaurus the Sneasel

Rigil is also Liam Hemmings!
Rigil is Centauri's little brother, who is as un-posh as Centauri is posh. He's also an American.

Jeeves the Persian

Psycopath bent on enslaving the world who is also infatuated with Pluto. Hurhur. She's pure evil. EEEEEEEVVVVVIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL.

Joey, Jolty and Azy

Joey, Jolty and Azy appear randomly as different characters, or just as randomers with no lines. Sometimes they are significant to the plot, sometimes not.


Toerag appears randomly as Joey, Jolty and Azy do. Also like them, she sometimes is significant to the plot, sometimes not.

Taylor and Freddie

Mercury's parents. They're divorced and whenever they meet up they argue.
Freddie's fur changes a lot because fur dye is cool. He also thinks he's amazingly cool. Taylor doesn't.

Karen and Sheldon

Venus's parents. Karen is generally nice to everyone but Sheldon points out faults in everyone. He never thinks anyone is ever good enough for Venus.

Nancy and Greg

Earth's parents. They're the most embarassing people in the world according to him. They don't hesitate to talk about sex infront of him, or anyone actually.

Minerva and Marvin

Mars's parents. Both are very intelligent, but Marvin hides it well. Minerva has never forgiven Mars for failing all his exams and is very critical of him.

Kris and Barry

Jupiter's parents. Kris is an alcoholic who is rarely sober (she was even drunk while giving birth) and Barry is practically a duplicate of Jupiter. Except he's purple.

Nora and Chuck (hahaha)

Saturn's parents, and they are as n00bish as him, nuff said. Chuck always wears a tie round his head, but that was because he didn't realise they were supossed to go round the neck.

Nona and Jack

Ana's parents. All three hate eachother. Nona and Jack are typical assholes who smoke and don't really give a damn about Ana.

Sheila and Ozzy

Neptune's parents, who are not Australian. At all. They're the youngest out of the rest of the parents and this is quite obvious. They also evolved after they had Neptune, unlike the rest who did so before they had their kids.

Sephy and Callie

Pluto's mums, who are indeed lesbians. They both saved up a ton of money between them and used it for a rather complicated half-cloning process so Sephy could get pregnant. After this was done, they had no money at all and lived in a crappy shelter for a while before they had saved/been given more money to find somewhere of their own.