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About The Comic

The Strips


All the (main) characters live in the same house, which is indeed rather big. However, not all the episodes take place in said house (ie, #13 is mostly on an aeroplane).


Nine, oddly coloured pokemon named after the planets. They all met in high-school, and have all been friends ever since.


Yeah um, there's no plot. Its just the random happenings of the characters.

The Drawing

How Its Drawn

IN MICROSOFT PAINT. Yeah, you heard me. PAINT. Why? Because its easy to use and doesn't take forever to make in. I just sketch the panels out, go over them in black with the paintbrush, erase the sketch (granted, this part is WAY faster if I use a better art program), bucket fill everything, add any effects (ie any crashes, splodes and the END text) and my signature and THEN we go to Paint Shop Pro 7. I then add the text and any effects that can't be done in paint and HOOPLAH the comic is done.


The sketch can take a while, even though its only rough. I have to figure out where abouts the text is going to go (and even what the text is), and how big a panel will be.
Linearting takes FOREVER. There's usually 40+ panels to go over and this annoys me greatly. Also, if my mouse is having a bad day, it takes even longer with all the undoing and erasing and whatnot.
Colouring doesn't take too long, despite all the times that I have to zoom in to fill just 1 little pixel. Bucket fiiiiiiil.
Shading? THERE IS NO SHADING (usually). Cartoons aren't MEANT for shading! So all you anime nerds can shut up about how anime has shading, because this is no anime, my friends.
Text and effects takes no time at all. Unless its a song which will take a little longer.
Getting it on the site? yeah that can take a while, because I have to change internet connections yada yada yah. ALL strips go to my deviantART first, with the forum immediately after. Watch me or join the forum, and you will BE THE FIRST TO SEE THE STRIPS.

Why Not To The Standard Of The Banner Art??

That takes longer.

Facts and Figures

The Idea!!

Ok so like yeah. ONE DAY, I was looking at Butterfree's sprite gallery. And since I like Teddiursa, I thought I'd search for Teddiursa sprites. I found one that was ORANGE with a star on its head instead of a moon. I thought to myself "Aw man that would make a good character for me". So I was rather annoyed, because I would be using someone else's work if I did use it. Buuuuut I decided "Maybe I could make the star into a sun, THEN it could be my own character!". So I got a sprite (an official one, not Butterfree's one), coloured it orange and put the sun on its head. ALL IT NEEDED NOW WAS A NAME. "Mercury" was THE first thing to pop into my head. I thought that was a cool name, SO I decided to stick with it. And make it a girl, just to be cool.
Then I thought "hey, why not make more pokemon with planet names?", so I kind of did...

I put all these characters on JJH's character page with pretty basic personalities.

The Idea For The COMIC

After making the 9 characters, I just basically left them on a style on Joey and Jolty's Home and didn't really draw them again for ages. Untill I was feeling rather sad one day, went to the old doodle board (man I loved that place) and doodled Mercury, Mars and Neptune. In the comment I said "yada yada yada... I don't draw the star guys enough... yada yada yada". Soon after this, I thought that I should do something with them, and since I wasn't making Azy Da Comic or Suicidal Chickens anymore, I thought "COMIC!!". SOOOOO off to paint I went, and drew #1. Making Pluto a biped in the process. I then posted it at the forums, and everyone seemed to like it so I decided to draw some more. I really didn't think I'd do so many but HERE WE ARE.

Starting Date?

15th February 2007. I was 14 at the time.


Can I suggest anything for future strips?

I sometimes ask the forum guys to just throw suggestions at me. Some of their suggestions did actually make strips, lol. For example: Lady of Flames suggested a Sailor Moon parody (#13, Japan) and then some kind of sporting event where Ana appears in the game to prove women are better at it (#24, Football), Kyogi Enzeru suggested super heroes (#23, Super), JrP suggested a character select screen (#21, Game) and Fansara suggested dreams although at the time she said it I had already started drawing it, lol.
ANYWAY ONTO THE POINT. You can suggest in the shoutbox or on the forum topic if you like, though I may not take it.

Can I draw fanart?

Yes, yes, PLEASE DO. :) You don't have to ask to draw fanart, its ALWAYS accepted.

Will I be murdered if I point out some flaws?

No, please do (so long as they're reasonable...). I DO edit these strips if there are flaws (god the number of times I've edited #5). Post any crits on the shoutbox, or email me.

Why was #32 released before #31???

#32 was Dreams, and it ended on a TO BE CONTINUED, which was to be Jupiter's dream. Every 11 strips is a song, and Jupiter's dream was indeed a song (PARODY PARODY PARODY), so Dreams had to be #32. I then drew #31, just a random Ceres Eris plot, to fill in the gap.

Why does Saturn speak like a n00b?

Because I thought it would be funny. He's actually the most popular character, so I guess it worked.

Why all the refrences?

EVERYTHING is funnier with refrences. EVERYTHING.
Oh and if you don't get half of them, its probably because you're not British. Or haven't seen Back to the Future (oh there's SO many refrences to that scattered about).

Why were #18 and #24 SO LATE?

Because I didn't make this comic in 2006, fool

Will any other characters get to have a song?


Nationalities of the characters?

Most don't particularly have any. Earth, Neptune and Centauri are all English, though. Some people noticed some say "mom" and some say "mum". The dialects are associated with what I think suits the character, eg Jupiter sounds better saying mom than mum.

How Old Are They All?

The main dudes, Centauri, Jeeves, Ceres and Eris are 22.
Rigil is 8.
Most of the parents are like in their late 40s early 50s, Neptune's are early 40s.
Earth's cousins are 16 (Bruce), 15 (Arlene), 12 (Arnold) and 7 (Dot and Martin).