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The Cars


The Seven Seater

The Seven Seater - the bane of Mars's life, the car everyone loves, the car that attracts Kricketunes and IT FREAKING EXISTS IN REAL LIEF. Its my stepmum's car lol. Tis a Hyundai Trajet.
Mars used to own it, but when he got a car for himself, it became shared between him, Pluto and Mercury because they're the only 3 who can drive. Jupiter's nicked it before though. The liscence plate still remains "1 R MAR5".

Pluto's Car

Pic print screened from Smart's website. Pluto owns a smart car because I freaking love them and want one (curse you Americans being able to learn to drive at 15!!) when I'm older. This is the only car that has not crashed at some point. No wait, it has.

Mars's Car

This car was once Mercury's, but she traded it in for the truck so Mars went and bought it back for himself. I don't really have any more comments exceot for... this is the EXACT car I want.

The Truck

Yeah I couldn't find a pic of what this was based on. Well, its based on the trucks from Teddy Trucks which was a TV show I loved when I was a midget. The only difference is is that there's a sun on it instead of the TT logo.
The truck was also introduced because I wanted an excuse to put the Trucker Hat song in the comic.

The Van

The van was their veichle of choice while they were still in school. Which was... in the 2000's. Yet they had a generic hippie van (Volkswagen Type 2/Transporter). I don't have a pic, as I need to draw it myself really.
It was an actual 1950s/60s hippie van, although at the time they owned it the new vans were almost like this.
They don't own it anymore - because Earth tried to drive it once and drove it off a cliff. Yes there WAS convieniently a cliff nearby because they were at the beach (not same time as episode 58). RIP THE VAN.
OH RIGHT I FORGOT - the one thing this van was used for most was for going to Alton Towers. Because once, we went to Alton Towers with school and it was the most epical of epic bus rides in the history of the universe. AURORA BOREALIS.