11th January 2020

just in case anyone still comes here, i am Trying to get the site to work better on mobile. i do not know much about coding for mobile. bear with me!

13th November 2017

JEEZ I RE-JIGGED ALL THIS SITE i'll draw a new banner later. why did i do this? because i got super invested in this idiots again last month because of OC-tober!!!!!!!

EDIT: UM WE HAVE TWO NEW COMICS because I thought I lost 93, so two of my friends said they'll whip up a replacement, but then I FOUND IT but they made them regardless!!!! i am LIVING

15th February 2017

Jeez this site is a mess
Hi, today, 15th February 2017, is ten years since I drew the first strip of Star Guys. So you know what I did? I remade it.



2nd October 2014

I have NO idea how many people even come here anymore but due to Pluto being a planet again, I made a new strip. Seriously.

30th December 2012

my brother was just saying something about the last star guys comic i ever drew so i went to find it and it wasn't here so i put it back
gosh darned files being out of date n shit

20th November 2012

I have no idea why I went and fixed every broken page here.
This comic was such an abomination omg. Yet I still feel attached to all the characters :'( I have a Teddiursa named Mercury in my White 2 team and she is the best pickup pal ever.

15th June 2012

jesus christ i lost the newest css file for star guys how annoying

EDIT: is that how it looked before help i dunno what i'm doing B(

1st March 2012

dude what happened to all the "updates" from the last 2 years

5th August 2009

New episoooooode. It would've been finished sooner but damn DPP's Global Trade Station is addictive.

4th July 2009

Good evening. I have a new episode up. There may be many more over the summer.

13th June 2009

New episode. Not a particularly good one but yeah.

18th May 2009

Never told you I finished the new personality quiz, did I? Lol my bad. Also, the results all have new images too. The dwarves don't have any yet though, sorry. :B I'll get onto that ASAP.
Also hi Seal you awesome thing you

16th May 2009

I think most of the stuff on this part of the site is recovered though I can't be sure. Stuff will be remade soon anyway. Despite me having exams and needing to study. :D

Also, JJH is 6 years old tomorrow how time flies.

3rd May 2009

Two new episodes, the first being made specially for the shoutbox guys.
Hey guys, where did it EVER say that there was a schedule for these comics? Yeah that's right, never. I do them as often as I feel like it thank you very much. And these past few months have been p. much craptastic for me so excuse me for not drawing a bazillion comics to suit your needs, Mr Seal.
My forum members and I often either laugh at the shoutbox or we mega-facepalm over it. Jeez guys the stuff some of you come out with...
You guys aren't gangsta or street anyway.

21st March 2009

Hi guys I'm 17 now :) I can now learn to drive! And yeah I know you Americans can do that at 15 but we can have sex at 16 and buy alcohol at 18 so it's 2 - 1 to us lol. Not that many people even follow those laws but y'know.
Episode 126 is up and once again it shows my failure at drawing cars.

28th February 2009

The two year strip is up! It was late because: I went away for half term, one of my cats died and then some more stuff... sorry bout that.
I added that Twitter widget up there so I can do short updates from anywhere. For stuff like telling you all when abouts the next comic will be up.

DAMNIT I just realised I still haven't finished the quiz. :(

8th February 2009

Look guys, new layout! And HOPEFULLY by next week the new quiz should be done. Making all the result images is tedious. :(

24th January 2009

Two new episodes! And I am currently working on updating /everything/ on this site, including the quizzes. Watch this space.

17th January 2009

New episoooooode. Also Sg is 2 years old on February 15th.

24th December 2008

Happy Holidays to all :)
The Christmas episode is up. It's the longest comic to date, being 11,111 pixels in height. Dunno how many panels it is though lol.

16th November 2008

Two new episodes!
And thanks to a shoutbox suggestion, the next song strip will be Bohemian Rhapsody :) lol I can't believe I never thought of it before. IT'S GENIUS. And considering what day it is on the 24th I reckon it's rather appropriate.

18th October 2008

Oh my god 8 days ago!!!!! I MISS YOU, BEST DAY EVER.
...also over a month and half since an update. You can blame school for this, as well as AOL, lack of motivation aaaaaaand THE BEST DAY EVER (I saw Queen + Paul Rodgers live lol). Buuuuut I do have 2 new episodes up for you all, and I have started another. I'm really sorry about there not being many new episodes this year, but school IS actually "serious business" now and they can boot me out if I don't keep up. And I don't want to be booted out, I like getting 30 a week for attending.
Argh I still haven't done anything else for JJH and ZR. Oh well I can do some in half term...

31st August 2008

Two new episodes. Sorry there haven't been many strips this summer, a lot of crap happened, including a very irritating confidence killer in the form of a D in my graphics GCSE. I'm getting it remarked though, no way in hell could I have got a bloody D. I got a B in art though which was better than I was expecting, because my art teacher is mean.

1st August 2008


21st June, totally 2008

Hooray my exams are over! And there are 2 new episodes.

7th June 2008

Episode 111.

1st June 2008

Episode 110, artist page updated, new polls and info and contact pages updated slightly.

18th May 2008

Been busy as hell :( Three new episodes anyway.
BEFORE READING 109: Singing Shark and Is that Kurt Cobain. Only if you look at those 2 pictures first will you get #109.

5th April 2008

Sorry, I forgot to update last time I was here... 4 new episodes. #104 is thought by many to be one of my best.

9th March 2008

One new episode and a fanart woo! Also its my birthday on the 11th, wink wink nudge nudge say no more lol.

1st March 2008

I am so sorry guys. :( I still haven't gotten a modem thing, so I have to update whenever I come to my mum's house.
Four new episodes, THE ONE HUNDREDTH INCLUDED!!!! Yes, as of the 15th February, Star Guys has been A YEAR OLD. :D Thank you to ALL who read them :)

2nd February 2008

LONG STORY SHORT: comp died, got a new one, can't update through it, using mum's to update, 10 new episodes.

4th January 2008

26th December 2007

Episodes 86 and 87! 87 is the christmas one. Its not late, I just didn't update the site yesterday. :P There's new fanart up too... though most of it is stuff I forgot about lol.
Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely christmas (or whichever other holiday). I sure as hell did! :D FANGIRLING IS SO FUN.

2nd December 2007

WHAT ON EARTH. I am updating on the SAME DAY that a comic has been completed... 19 days till the apocalypse!!!
So uh episode 85 is up. Twas scripted by Liam.

29th November 2007

Ahaha shit. I forgot to put episode 84 up here. Well its here now. SORRY
Oh and 85 is the scripted one, not 84. I have /started/ 85 and at the moment I do not feel like doing more of it (lol schoolwork), so please do not get on at me.
Also NEW LAYOUT DO YOU LIEK IT? Shotbox is now a link by the way because it looked awful in the menu.

8th November 2007

Hello children. Episodes 82 and 83 are up. If you aren't British, click here for an explanation to 82. Oh and I took the lottery idea from that person on the shoutbox for 83. :)
Episode 84 has been /scripted/, holy crap. By none other than Liam Hemmings. He decided to write one for fun and I thought it was so funny so dude I am so doing it.

  • Mercury - 19th February
  • Venus - 18th May
  • Earth - 3rd June
  • Mars - 31st March
  • Jupiter - 27th November
  • Saturn - 21st January
  • Ana - 13th April
  • Neptune - 29th December
  • Pluto - 25th October

23rd October 2007

Yo, hows it hangin, wassup, fo shizzle and all that jazz.
Episode 81 is up, and I added more questions to the Knowlegde Quiz, and its now possible to get Rigil or Jeeves as a result in the personality quiz... but I just HAD to draw Rigil's hat wrong!! Oh well. Yeah there's a slight change to the Animated Series cast too.
Oh and don't ask me about the Animated Series. Because I have no idea.

14th October 2007

Episode 79 and 80, guys. Also the recurring characters page has been updated, as have the top trump cards.
I also MIGHT do a song soon, but I'm telling you now, there's a 99.3% chance that it will be something by Queen. People who frequent JJHF will not be surprised in any way whatsoever. Well, maybe at the fact that there's a 0.7% chance of me not doing something by Queen... lol.

3rd October 2007

Ok so I haven't done much because September was the month of Depression. Nuff said.
Episode 78, and I made some top trumps cards lol.

EDIT: forgot to add some fanarts.

15th September 2007

I do apologise for the slight delay - school has managed to get the better of me at long last. Bastard.
Anyway, regarding the poll below... I am not going to completely axe the song strips, just do them only when I feel like it (which is not often).
SO UH episodes 76 and 77 are up. I do hope you've seen All Your Base. >:| Oh yeah and fanart.

5th September 2007

Would you care if I axed the song strips?
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Here is an MSN convo.

ߣ says:
theres loads of people lobbing song strip suggestions for SG at me lol
LIAM says:
even me
ߣ says:
and all of them not-pluto only
LIAM says:
Lexarlc says:
I don't like song strips ;_;
LIAM says:
ߣ says:
neither do i
LIAM says:
*head explodes*
Lexarlc says:
Lexarlc says:
=hi fives=
ߣ says:
*high five*

3rd September 2007. RIP Summer

Episode 75, cast page update, new page, a fanart and no wait thats it.

31st August ASDF. Asdf is my new favourite word.

I had to trek back SIX pages on the oekaki for all the fanarts, lol. Anyway episode 74 is up and 75 is in progress and I am HOPING TO GAWD that its funny... the one after that will contain psychoes (ie Ceres, Eris and Jeeves).
OH GUYS THERES A TRAILER FOR THE ANIMATED SERIES!!!!! (if you've seen Lord of the Rings it will be more funny) And a proper one is being made, as well as a sound test (so you can all see what the characters sound like before the actual thing). ATTENTION ANY OTHER VOICE GUYS: WE NEED YOUR LINES! The ones from the "It is my life" pictures!

24th August 2007. I have an essay to write.

Episode 73 hoorah. Jesus christ Deimos has a lot of fanart. Also if you're wondering about the Darth Vader helmet thing: click here. DEATH STAR MUCH?!
So um yeah I made an Animated Series Section *fingers crossed that the animation will be successful!*
And fanarts yeeeaaaaaaah.

21st August 2007

Copypasted explanation from DA: Right I know I said 72 would be titled WHAAAAAT, but the concept of that strip was far too depressing (not explaining it again by the way) and I couldn't do it. I also couldn't be arsed to do Patriotic, and I thought that any Americans would probably kill me :|
So episode 72 is completely and utterly different. And what a surprise, more fanarts! The guys on the doodle oekaki sure keep my busy, lol.

19th August 2007

Episode 71, one of the funnier ones if I do say so myself.
And good lord a TRUCKLOAD of fanart! I just came home and like I went to the doodle oekaki and like, 50 bazillion doodle fanarts! Oh they made me laugh. I kinda had a bit of fun with the filenames for some too... hurhur. AND OMG most of the newest ones were NOT by me! :D
I also updated any pages that needed updating... also their official ages have been released!

Still 15th August 2007

Fixed up the styles as they had a few errors.
Episode 69, 70 and fanarts.

15th August 2007

If you have been on the site in the past few hours, you would have noticed that I completely pimped up the styles. It is going to be SUCH a bitch to add a new page now. :| Oh well. It looks good.
More fanarts k.


Episodes 66, 67 and 68! And because of 66, a new video (and a link to the fast version) for the song. I thought the video was rather amusing, lol.
More fanarts, again mostly my 12am doodles.
And HEY GUYS SPOILERS, I'll give the titles for the next lot of episodes.

  • 69 - Immature
  • 70 - Paper
  • 71 - Cousins
  • 72 - WHAAAAAT
  • The one after 72 (because it may be a 2 parter you see) - Patriotic

7th August 2007

Congratumalations to HOLAMI, YUMECHI AND RARU! And thank you to everyone else who entered (fanart page).
Also, I am impatient and a git, so I drew episode 65 a few days ago, so that is now up. AND much fanarts :D
Damn, time to do a song now.

2nd August 2007

I get home from my mum's house then and and and you would've had a whole month so yay. I know of 2 fancomics still being drawn, but if anyone else wanted to enter and hasn't done so yet you have SEVEN FIVE DAYSSSSSS.
Episode 61 is up along with fanarts (mostly my crappy doodles but yeah) and I've added the parents to the recurring characters page since they've been in 2 episodes each now and I intend to have them in again.

28th July 2007

Yesterday was a MAGICAL DAAAY! When I say yesterday, I really mean the last few hours of the 26th and the first few of the 27th. GMT.
So dudelets. Episodes 59 and 60 are up. Please note 59 does NOT contain any REAL spoilers, lol. 60 is part of a 2 part episode, so huzzah! And then after 61 is done, it be FANCOMIC TIME! I'm thinking I should really make a deadline... suggestions on shoutbox please. :)
Also, fanarts. And I have that feeling where you think you've forgotten something but don't know what...
But late Happy Take Your Houseplant For a Walk Day! (its a real freaking holiday guys.)

25th July 2007

Episodes 57 and 58 are up yay! Thar also be new fanarts and POLLS. Vote plz. :)
Wow I'm really getting tons of strips done. The joys of staying up till 2:30am lol.
Oh by the way, need more fanstrips please!!!!!

22nd July 2007

Episode 56 and lots of fanarts - including a doodle I did of Toerag. And the calcium dragon ones lol. Incase people don't know what she looks like.
Oh and I know on my DA on ep 56 it said the title of the next one is "Summer", but since Venus, Ana, Earth and Neptune haven't been in a comic siiiiiince... 54? earlier? They are going to be the main characters in the next one which will be called Battle, War or something like that.
Oh and I've reduced the slots for contest entries to 3. Instead of 5. This is because I don't have many entries. I only have 3 so far.

17th July 2007

Episode 55, so therefore the song page has been updated.
More fanarts and erm... that's it I think

15th July 2007

Episodes 53 and 54 are up! The question "why do they not have jobs" has been answered. Bwahaha.
And because of ep 54, the recurring characters page has been updated... FOR GREAT JUSTICE
Oh yes and there is some new fanart (please bug me if I forgot anyone's). I put up some of my own drawings too. Man I wish I had my doodle oekaki back. :(
And now I am tired, need to get up early tomorrows, its 1am and my room in being invaded by moths. There's a GIANT smegging white bastard on my ceiling.
P.S. The song for 55 is Don't Stop Me Now - Queen, and I have a bitchin' idea for 56.

7th July 2007 again

Episode 52! God, I'm fast. I updated Earth's page with his real name as Pokemaster pointed out, aaaaaaaaaand since NOT ONE person voted no in the poll below, I made a page for Events/contests!!! WASSUP GUYS I AM LETTING YOU DO FANMADE COMICS! Go to that page for more info!

Its probably 7th July 2007 by now

Episode 51 and a ton of fanarts! AND HOLY OH MY GOD A POLL, RIGHT HERE.

Would you be interested in seeing/making any guest made comics?
Free polls from Pollhost.com

5th July 2007

Wassup. Episodes 49 and 50 are up. FIFTY DAMNIT! In less than 5 months! HOW GOOD AM I?! And this site has 8000 or so pageveiws in... a lot less than that. Tis most awesome.
By the way, WHO are the smegheads who voted 1/10 for funniness on that poll? C'mon, even I know the comics aren't THAT unfunny. And talking of polls, I made a new one. And I SWEAR I will STOP with all that pairing crap. Fanart still accepted by the way :D

30th June 2007

The guy who was suppossed to do Mars and Pluto's voice is doing it afterall, k?
Episode 48 is up (no HSOWA sorry) and I finally did that smegging personality quiz AND IT BETTER WORK PROPERLY. Also, some more fanarts.


WONDERING ABOUT THE TITLE? Well, since the guy who was suppossed to play Mars and Pluto in the animated series cannot be arsed to buy a microphone (DAMN YOU, PORRIDGE), we are letting you randomers out there audition for them! HOWEVER. There are requirements. Well, one for each really. Mars HAS to have a deep voice (real voices would be better than faked ones) and Pluto has to have a SOMEWHAT deep voice. Not as deep as Mars's.
To audition, you need to record some lines for the character and send them to me AND Liam. Also, when I say SOME lines, I mean from at least 2 episodes.

UPDATES: Episode 47 is going to be part 1 of a 3 part comic. 170+ panels and 9 flashbacks in one is... no. 47 is up, by the way. I have also corrected any errors anyone may have pointed out to me (including the Portugal flag thing), and there's tons of new fanart. I am RAKIN' it in, lol.

22nd June 2007

Episodes 45 and 46 are up! I beat my record of 70 panels. #46 has EIGHTY TWO (82)!!!! God why do all these suggested comics end up so LONG? Lol, it was so much fun doing it though. Please note that confusion appears to be a regular side effect from that strip. Its understandable though.
I made the Recurring Characters page. yay! Just the quiz to go... which will take AGES. I might just cheat and do a crappy vote script. However, there are 12 characters now and 12 is a multiple of 4 so IT COULD WORK.
AAAAAAND there's more fanart too.

19th June 2007

Guess what?!? Three MORE episodes!! I'm SHOOTIN' these out lol. To the guy who suggested the Saturn being taken to therapy and being normal for a day: please be happy, its SEVENTY PANELS and took... 11 hours total?? (not all once).
There are also two new pages: List of Songs and Fanart. There's a TON of fanart, lol.
And if you want a SNEAK PREVEIW of the next three episodes... then that's tough. But you can see the TITLES for them!! 45 - Centauri

  • 46 - Bodyswap
  • 47 - Parents
  • I may be a little slower with making strips in the next few weeks, as I has a BAZILLION exams to do... and work experience. But, when school's out (20th July for me, you lucky lucky people in the USA), I will probably make loads of strips as I have 6 weeks to spare.

    16th June 2007

    Just farting around with the styles. The switcher is now under the banner.

    15th June 2007

    Another three new episodes. Yay!! And erm I made all of the main profiles. Just reccurring characters left to do now.

    9th June 2007

    THREE new episodes guys, THREE. SO you shall have to go off to the archive page for 36 and 37. :P Oh, 37 is a little out of the ordinary so... yeah.
    Also, me and my good friend Liam are working on a SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME SECRET PROJECT. Ok its not secret, we're making an animated series of Star Guys :D BUT READ THIS BEFORE YOU REACT: It will NOT replace the comic, there will be only a few episodes as it'll take ages to make, do not ask to do voices (see this is why you should join the forum), the episodes will be new, not animated versions of existing ones, I need to buy a new microphone so we could be waiting a while lol.
    Go read the new strips please.

    31st May 2007

    Oh my GOD, its JUNE tomorrow. ALREADY. I think this is the only time I've ever been ANNOYED about it, because that means just ONE MONTH untill work experience. Ugh.
    Anyway, EPISODE 35 IS UP. Its the best one to date (humour, not quality).
    P.S. Liam, if you check this site, IT HAS AN AURORA BOREALIS JOKE IN IT. ALTON TOWERS, MAN!

    29th May 2007

    Everything under the info section is DONE, and Mercury and Saturn's pages are done.

    27th May 2007

    Ok so like yeah episode 33 and 34 are up. 33, is indeed, a parody of a scene on Red Dwarf, so I suggest that if you haven't seen the original, you click this link. Also, a high-five to any other RD fans out thar!
    I also made the last 3 styles, and lightened Mars style up a bit so it doesn't cause blindness.

    EDIT: ah, crap, Jupiter and Mercury styles look rather similar. :|

    23rd May 2007

    I made Uranus style, complete with THE DUDEY COLOUR.
    More importantly, episode #31 is up! Off to the latest comic link you go!
    In other news, I also made the polls page and the warning page.

    21st May 2007

    Made a quiz!!

    20th May 2007

    Mars and Saturn Styles have been made.
    Episode 31 is currently being drawn.

    18th May 2007

    Sorry I forgot to say: ONLY THE FOLLOWING PAGES WORK: main page, archive, latest comic and Group, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto styles.

    17th May 2007

    Hi guys. #32 is up, and don't complain about Venus-Uranus Styles being dead, they don't exist yet.

    12th May 2007